Lab Facilities

The group's facilities are located in several rooms inside the Tel Aviv University campus. We have our own clean room, with all the equipment needed for fabrication including:

  • Mask aligner
  • Thermal/E-beam evaporator.
  • Deep reactive ion etching machine.
  • ICP-PECVD for the low temperature deposition of high quality films.
  • Atomic Layer Deposition machine (ALD).
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing machine (RTA).

In addition, we have a fully equipped "Wet chemistry" laboratory, an Electrochemistry lab and a Biology room. Click on a room in the schemes below to see the full details of the facilities inside that room.

Clean Room (Lab. location: Multi-disciplinary Center)

Chemistry Room (Lab. location: Ornstein - Chemistry)

Biology Room (Lab. location: Ornstein - Chemistry)


Sensing Room (Lab. locatio: Nano Center)


Electrochemistry Room (Lab. location: Ornstein - Chemistry)