Research Highlights


Michael Urbakh
Nanotribology, Molecular Engines, Dynamic Force Spectroscopy, Interfacial Electrochemistry: Structure, Dynamics, Functioning


Moshe Portnoy
Development of Organic Synthetic Methodology, Solid-phase Synthesis, Combinatorial Chemistry, Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry 


Dan Huppert
Ultrafast Phenomena by Short Pulsed LASER


Arkady Vigalok
Transition Metals, Catalysis, Supramolecular Chemistry, Calixarenes, Green Chemistry



Doron Shabat
Self-Immolative Dendrimers, Self-Immolative Polymers, Chemotherapeutic Bone-Targeted Bisphosphonate, Prodrugs with Hydrolytic Mode of Activation



Fernando Patolsky
Bio/Chemo Sensors, Nanobiotechnology,  Assembly of Nanomaterials, Fuel Cells, Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Design, Nanodevices, Cancer Diagnosis



Yael Roichman
Holographic optical Tweezers, Soft matter Physics, Colloids, Laser, Statistical Mechanics


Eran Rabani
Theory, nano-systems, self assembly, electrical transport, electronic properties, quantum dynamics


Amir Goldbourt
Solid state NMR, Protein structure, Filamentous bacteriophage, Virus, Protein expression, Pulse sequences, Quadrupolar nuclei, Magic-angle spinning


Israel Goldberg
Crystallography and Structural Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry of Porphyrins, Crystal Engineering of Nanoporous Solids, Structure-Property Relationships in Organic Materials


Ori Cheshnovsky
Clusters, Fluorescence, Light Emission, Molecular Beams, Nanocrystals, Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)


Uzi Even
Supersonic beams, Laser Spectroscopy, Clusters, Surface modifications, Nano clusters


Haim Diamant
Theory of complex fluids, suspensions, membranes, monolayers, polymer
solutions, liquid crystals, surfactant aggregates


Joseph Klafter
Anomalous diffusion in complex systems, Fractional Fokker-Planck equations, Dendrimers, Nanotribology, Single Molecules Processes


Yoram Selzer
Molecular electronics, plasmonics, thermoelectrics, single molecule junctions, conductance spectroscopy, quantum point contacts


Shmuel Carmeli
Isolation and structure elucidation of biologically active natural products from cyanobacteria, marine fungi and plants – Ecological and biomedical studies

Yuval Ebenstein

Super-resolution microscopy, Bio-photonics, Nano-technology,
Single molecule detection, Optical mapping, Micro-fluidics, Quantum-dots,
Epigenetics, Scanning probe microscopy, Bio-sensors


Shlomo Rozen
Fluorine; Bromine trifluoride; HOF•CH3CN; Oxidations; Oxygen Transfer; Organo electronics


Micha Fridman
Chemical Biology, Glyco-Chemistry and Biology


Sergey Cheskis
Laser Spectroscopy, Low pressure flat flame, Particle mass spectrometer, Sulfur related light emission from flames, Flame assisted nanoparticle synthesis


Emanuel Peled
Batteries, Fuel Cells, Fuel Cells Catalysts, Lithium and Lithium-Ion Battery, Pt Alloys


Gil Markovich
Chemical physics, Nanomaterials, Colloidal nanostructures, Nano-magnetism, Chiroptical properties of nanostructures


Aviv Amirav אביב עמירב
Analytical Instruments development,
Mass Spectrometry with Supersonic
Molecular Beams - GC-MS, LC-MS and their enhancement technologies


Moshe Kol
Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry, Supramolecular and Coordination Chemistry


Gil Navon
New NMR and MRI methods to study connective tissues, New methods for functional MRI, Spectroscopic MRI of nerves, Following thermal destruction of tumors, Magnetic nano-particles NMR, Xenon atoms-proteins binding


Avraham Nitzan
Chemical dynamics, Electron/ion transfer, Interfacial processes, Molecular electronics, Molecular plasmonics, Numerical simulations


Yoram Cohen
Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecualr Capsules, Molecular Containers, MRI, Neuro-MRI, Diffusion MRI, Central nervous System (CNS), Brain MRI


Oded Hod
Graphene, Density functional theory (DFT), Computational Chemistry, Nano, Graphene Nanotribbons (GNR)

Joshua Jortner
Distinguished Lectures in Chemistry
Prof. Ben L. Feringa
Controlling Chiral Space in Asymmetric Catalysis
8 March 2015 16:00
The Art of Building Small
10 March 2015 16:00

Frontiers in Polymers and Biomolecular Chemistry
Joint Conference of The School of Chemistry, TAU & NYU
March 2-4, 2015
Tel Aviv University Campus

2014 ICS Medal awarded to
Prof. Eliezer Gileadi
and Prof. Abraham Nitzan

for their exceptional contributions
to science, education and society

Prof. Oded Hod, Rector Distinguished Lecturer 2014

Friction and Interface Dynamics
at Nano- and Mesoscales

Beth Hatfutsot, TAU,
October 27-31, 2014

School of Chemistry at TAU
Jubileum Celebration
June 2nd 2014

Tel Aviv Symposium in Chemical PhysicsNext Generation Photochemistry
June 12th, 2014

January 2014:
First Israeli Branch of CECAM

(Centre européen de calcul atomique et moléculaire)
established at TAU
Head of TAU branch: Prof. Oded Hod

Prof. Fernando Patolsky
Winner of the Excellent Young Scientist Award
of the Israeli Chemistry Society 2013

Stochasticity Symposium
Tel Aviv - Bar Ilan - Potsdam
15-16 December 2013
Tel Aviv University
Ornstein 111

Congratulations to Prof. Moshe Kol
for his Excellence in Teaching
(Rector Excellency)

School of Chemistry
Weekly Seminars

Congratulations to Dr. Tal Schwartz,
for winning the Alon Fellowship

Prof. Benjamin Fain

Scientist, Dissident, Refusenik,
Member of the School of Chemistry,
passed away, April 2013

Congratulations to
Prof. Haim Diamant,

Rector Distinguished Lecturer 2012

5th National Graduate Student
Symposium in Organic Chemistry
October 1st 2013

New Faculty Member:
Dr. Tal Schwartz
main interest:
Light-Molecules Interactions in Nanometric Structure

Congratulations to Dr. Oded Hod, electee to the Young Israel Academy of Sciences


Congratulations to Prof. Gil Navon,
Winner of Landau Prize
of Mif'al HaPayis
for Developing Methods
in Magnetic Resonance Imaging